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As Heather Would Say.....

 I've missed my Precious!!! Yes, my computer was GONE!!!!!! 2 whole weeks. ACK!!! I have never cleaned so much in my life. I was bored out of my mind because, yes, there is only so much cleaning you can do. -_- Done with the damned cleaning!!! I was able to watch a few movies and I finished the last Sookie book. Fab-U-Lous! Yes, yes, yes!!!! LOL!!!!!! I've had so much going on in just the past few weeks that I don't know where to start! I had my IUD (birth control) taken out due to some issues. That means I'm doing without sex until the Man gets neutured. Dead serious. I am DONE having kids. I can't do the teething and sickness again. I flat out refuse!!!!!!!!!

My little Lolita will be 1 in a few weeks. When the fuck did THAT happen?! She's the sweetest thing. And she is totally a Momma's girl!! Again.....how the fuck did THAT happen?! Remember when I said that I wanted a "Momma's boy" when I was pregnant with my son? Well, he's a Daddy's boy and she's a Momma's girl. I'm totally ok with that. :) She is MY Lo!!!!

Just wanted to say Hi in case anyone still reads this thing I wasn't away on purpose!!! Damn over heating MACS!! LOL!!! Here are a few pix.......



I would post a picture of Raven, but she is a teenager now and hates having her picture taken. -_- 


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